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Nelson Designs: Top 10 Design Tips

Time for a home refresh? Use our Top 10 Design Tips as a guide to help make the best design decisions!


1. Choose upholstered pieces before paint colors.

2. Hang drapes about 5 inches from the ceiling.

3. Hang wall art at the right height; make sure it relates to the furniture around it.

4. Accessorize with larger, fewer accessories instead of multiple small accessories.

5. Coordinate your coffee table with your end tables... don't match!

6. Coordinate your bedroom furniture... don't match! And, you guessed it; do the same in the dining room.

7. Be sure you purchase the right scale of furniture for the room.

8. Have at least 3 light sources per room.

9. Use mirrors to reflect light and add interest.

10. Most importantly, put your personality into your home! Make it yours and you'll love it for years to come.


Our designers are happy to help you find the perfect solutions to all your design dilemmas. We offer a step-by-step process to beautify your home, analyzing all the elements and finding the best options for your spaces. With a consultation and follow-up visit to our showroom, we help our clients completely plan the overall look. This way, you don't have surprises down the road! Our designers are trained to look at different dimensions, color tones and styles that a client may not even know to consider.

Give us a call or stop by the showroom to see our many beautiful options available.

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