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A New Build

Building a new home brings a million questions and decisions. We had the honor of not only planning this home from blueprints but also working through the pandemic, long distance with the client to get every detail just right. It was fun, challenging and so rewarding to see it built, furnished and accessorized. Enjoy a look into a calming, refreshing but very livable home.

Every entry should invite your guests into your home. When they walk in and see warm lighting and a mirror reflecting the area they will feel comfortable immediately. Keep it interesting with mixed metals and unique shapes. The overhead light and lamps allow the room to be bathed in gentle lighting.

This is a great multipurpose room! The sofa is hiding the fact that it is a bed for the occasional guest while offering a calm space for reading or lounging. The metal etegere is by nature open and interesting with beautiful art glass picking up the colors of the room.

Bathrooms often are just utilitarian, but by adding an original painting in silvers and golds this wall suddenly is interesting.

In the hall bathroom is a wonderful mixture of golds, silvers and art glass in the lighting. It is a modern version of elegance and glamour.

Can you even imagine a master bedroom that is more serene and relaxing? Everything from the exquisite nightstands accented in gold to the marble and crystal lamps reflected in the mirrors makes a person feel comfortable. The mixture of whites, cream and taupe in the bedding keeps the mood of the room very serene.

Often forgotten are the small accents that play up a wall. The exquisite gold and marble shelf is large enough and long enough to fill a space without being over powering. The art glass also adds reflections to a hallway and draws your eye to the area. This wall was also hand textured for added interest but in a very subtle manner.

The subtle wall design was hand painted and brings in interest without over powering the wall decor. It is the perfect backdrop for large round mirror and sconces.

Neutral tones and the mixing of cool and warm colors immediately makes a person feel comfortable. The secret to keeping it interesting is in mixing textures. Mixing metals also keeps it from feeling cold or unwelcoming.

A great conversation area is achieved with comfortable seating. These four swivel chairs are perfect for watching TV or conversing. Texture again plays a big part of pulling a room together as seen on the fireplace.

Don’t overlook the jewelry of a room! The accessories such as lamps, table top items, mirrors and artwork complete a room. The style now is clean and simple rather than lots of items. A good rule to follow is to use fewer but larger pieces. The cocktail table has enough interest on it’s own that a lot of detailed accessories would just take away from the design.

Tone on tone, luscious fabrics and exquisite details pull the look together. Remember, it is all in the details.

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