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Color is back in Interior Design!

This family room of grey, black and cream changed personalities with color! The sectional is a mid tone blue with accent pillows picking up fuchsia, touches of orange and bits of green. The fuchsia velvet chairs and drapes pull the color around the room balancing it out. The furniture picks up colors from the large collection of blown glass the owners have collected. This room is easy to maintain, comfortable and beautiful. The white coffee table and wood trim throughout the room work perfectly with the colors. What a pretty room to relax in after a busy day! Color adds personality and fun.

The pillows and glass art play well together and work perfectly on the white multi level round coffee table. Repeating colors around a room is a very important part of balance and placement. It

Here is another view of the colorful room with more of the glass collection showing off! Isn’t it great to have a collection you love around you?

Moving into the living room, a beautiful deeper blue is on the two sofas facing each other. The white swivel chairs and white top on the coffee table look great with the rug that picks up the blue and white. The rug also has the gold tone of the art glass visible on the fireplace mantel. Adding the gold in the end tables and large vases on the top shelves pulls the accents together.

The shelves are full of memories of world wide travels while in the Marines. The story behind each piece is absolutely fascinating! What a comfort to have your adventures and mementoes within reach.

The fireplace painted black is a great contrast to the white shelves and grounds the living room. A touch of black in a room actually makes the other colors stand out more. The contrast really makes a difference.

The repeat of the gold tones carries from the living room into the dining room bringing continuity to the space, especially in the lamps and light fixtures.

What do you put on a large, very high wall with an angled ceiling? Well, here you see the answer. It is a 60 inch round mirror that covers a good part of the wall, reflects the room, brings in light and doesn’t fight the angled ceiling! It is our choice on large walls and looks perfect with the lamps framing it!

The dining area is just perfect for family get togethers! Every inch of this home works for a family of five to have places to relax and share their experiences.

Don’t be afraid of color. Use it to bring you happiness, serenity or fun. It makes your house a place to chill out or have a party! Enjoy the opportunity to express yourself as this family has chosen to do. It might be deeper tones that attract you or all lighter tints with accents of deeper tones. Start with your favorite color and work from there to get the perfect combination. Contact Nelson Designs for help in planning each room of your home for a cohesive look. Remember to have fun along the way!


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