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Dream Home

Any of us facing a move have lots of concerns about what pieces of furniture will work and what won’t. Leaving a very large home full of furniture and deciding on what pieces to take can be simply overwhelming!

These wonderful clients called us to help with the decisions and it was a worldwind of activity and fun. It was easier because we had helped with the furniture and accessories in the first home but we had to check every measurement to plan it out perfectly in the new house.

The living room is simply elegant, with a clean palette of creams and blues with accents of golds. The balanced look of two chairs on each side of the sofa makes the room both comfortable and ready for extra company.

The coffee table is the right size and shape and picks up the cream and gold tones in the rest of the room. One outstanding accessory on it is just perfect!

I love the impact of the beautiful Murano art glass in this room and through out the home. It has a personality of it’s own and each piece is so unique! The addition of plants softens the room as well.

Here is the close up of the sculptural piece on the coffee table. The juxtaposition of the curves with the linear lines of the coffee table play well together.

The details, such as this art sculpture make all the difference in the world. It is interesting but not over whelming on the coffee table.

The dining area just off the living room and kitchen has a beautiful golden table base holding an oval glass top. You can easily seat six people and entertain in style. The dining chairs are clean lined and also cream tones, to not fight the artistic design of the table base.

One of our assistants at this home, Pippin, helped with many of the decisions including the placement of this desk in the office. Again, the golden tones carry through the house to continue the accent color.

The bedroom is a great retreat area. Not only is the room ready for a good night’s sleep but it has a reclining loveseat for watching TV or reading. What more can you ask for in a bedroom?

Do you see the continuation of the color story? It just continues through out the house and gives a peacefulness to the entire home. The blue patterned pillows add so much fun to the room.

The entrance is large and needs pieces that add interest to the walls. The round mirror is great in the niche so that everything isn’t linear. The repeat of the curves in the beautiful glass vase and again in the console continue the look. The original piece of art created by the owner is the perfect accent to the grouping.

Around the corner we installed beautiful multicolored glass bowls in an interesting pattern. It is so much more interesting to add multiples instead of just one piece in some areas.

The counter stools and pendants are clean and simple in design and compliment each other. I really like the combination of wood cabinets with the white counter tops and backsplash in the kitchen. It has an exquisite look, simple and clean.

Another view of the kitchen shows the large wall at the end of the kitchen. This wall calls for an interesting architectural piece of furniture and the console with curved lines on a marble base and the wood top definitely fills the bill. Interesting accessories add style and the entire piece is perfect under the TV.

You might also notice Heidi, our other assistant lounging on the floor. She had to rest after helping place everything!

Accents in a hallway wake it up! This geometric mirror combination also reflects light and pulls in the gold tones again. It is the perfect piece for the space!

The piece of art in the entrance actually sets the pace for the entire home. It announces the color for the whole house, and works well with the glass bowls down the hallway.

This is part of a very large, well designed closet in the master suite. The lit shelves are perfect for purses and shoes and of course another beautiful piece of glass art! The closet has so much hanging space, mirror and a very convenient built in dresser.

The organization in this closet is something to dream about! Our client really uses every inch well!

Of course, this house couldn’t have come together so well without our wonderful clients and their very interested assistants, Pippin and Heidi. This project was a dream come true in every way!

Nelson Designs welcomes new challenges in creating your dream home, with or without furry assistants!


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