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Family Room Fun!

Our client was buying a house that needed updating and he was open to a real change in colors and furniture. He was game when we suggested black walls for the family room, leaving the natural wood trim around the windows. The room features large windows that let in lots of natural light, so the room doesn’t feel dark and depressing.

Neultral tones with accents in black, bronze and white give the room lots of interest. The area rug is such an unusual design and picks up all the lighter colors in the upholstered pieces. The accent of bronze lamps and nailheads on the sofa adds more contrast. One of my favorite pieces in the room is the large square upholstered ottoman in place of a coffee table. Not only does it offer a comfortable place for feet but a place to set a tray for drinks.

There is a half wall behind the sofa with stairs and a landing behind it. The landing has a beautiful tree on it that peaks up over the sofa adding more greenery to the space. Other live plants in the room also soften the hard edges in the room.

This room is not only comfortable but also a great place to relax and watch TV or visit with friends. It is set up for more seating and fulfills our client’s needs


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