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Fun Bathroom Update

Bathrooms are where we start our days, but we tend to overlook them when it comes to making them beautiful, comfortable and inviting. How many bathrooms are utilitarian but lack beautiful colors and finishes that make the room pleasant? Don’t underestimate the mood altering effect a well designed bathroom has in starting your day. The little things, such as luscious thick towels, accessories and art make a plain room into an experience that helps set your mood for the day.

The basic color story for this bathroom is black and white. The black accent wall really shows off the great colors in the artwork. These colors are carried from the bedroom and add fun and interest.

This master bath had a complete change from a bathtub/shower combination to a walk in shower with an angled entrance.

the floor tiles are nonslip, white and bright. The tiles on the full wall behind the mirrors pick up the white and pull in the grey tone also used in the custom area rug.

The same tiles are used over the vanity and the walls in the shower. The black fixtures add a good contrast and continue the black and white color story.

By taking out the bathtub a new space opened up for the larger shower and allowed room for this cabinet with shelves above. It holds the towels in a convenient area and allows for decorating with more colors taken from the artwork. By carrying those colors around the room there is a cohesive feeling.

Who wouldn’t want this bathroom to help start your day feeling happy!


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