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Kitchen Details

Do you have space above your kitchen cabinets and no idea what to do with it? The newest looks are cleaner but still allow you to have fun. The key is to not overdo it as we did in the past. Styles change and an update such as the one pictured is just perfect.

This home owner likes a unique look! We love the mixture of metal plates and irregular shaped mirrors. The reflection of the mirrors and plates add light in an area that often feels dark. Half the fun is the unique placement of the overlapping plates.

The mixed metals is another sign of a more modern look. Gone are the days of matching everything. Now we look for the blending of colors and shapes.

Picking up the colors in the handles, hood and the warm and cool tones in the granite help carry the tones around the room. It is always important to carry colors around a room to have a good balance. Our client is happy and that of course makes us happy as well!


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