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Pantone Color of the Year 2017: Greenery

As Seen In: Wichita SPLURGE Magazine

At market this year, every vendor and designer touted the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year, Greenery. It’s such an exciting color and immediately brings visions of personal memories and dreams.

Nelson Designs Wichita KS - Norwalk Ivy Chair pink and green

When you hear the word Greenery, do you visualize the fresh spring color of new grass? Or do your thoughts take you to winter greenery with snow-touched boughs and garlands with bright red ribbons flowing through? It's such a great tangible description, whereas other colors still leave you questioning the real tone. Pantone's Greenery is big, bold and bright and possibly leans to a huskier tone with more blues in the mix.

The clean-lined upholstered chair above features an over-sized modern print that unites the brighter warmer green with the contrast of red and teal. Now this is the kind of chair I want on a lawn by the lake! This photo is a perfect example of the great variance within the color Greenery.

Nelson Designs Wichita KS - CR Laine Marcoux sofa

This neutral-toned room is taken up a notch with the solid Greenery walls accented by the natural-shaped wood-trimmed mirrors. By repeating the color taken from the fabulous paisley on the chairs and adding the pot of greenery, the room is tied together with this wonderful fresh color.

Nelson Designs Wichita KS - Green glass art on coffee table

Above is another display of the high style of Greenery! A hand-cut glass round bowl with numerous succulents is placed on a contemporary glass top coffee table. In a tray next to it is a pebbled glass candle holder on a multicolored book with hand-painted coasters. The way the light plays off the textures of the glass really emphasizes the Greenery tones again. When the mood hits, I can easily swap out these pieces for blue, yellow, orange or teal and completely change the look of the room.

Nelson Designs Wichita KS - CR Laine Elle brass arm chair in green leather - blue and green living room - CR Laine Stella upholstered screen

In the room above, shades of blue are coming through in the green, creating a more relaxed and eclectic style. Who would ever expect the Greek key motif on a rug to be repeated on the trim on the sofa, and then accented with plaid sofa pillows? The contemporary artwork and brass-armed chairs take the room away from traditional and adds the excitement of a more modern feeling. The Pantone Color of the Year 2017, Greenery, is again the star of the show, dancing through the room with a bit of blue. It is truly the color star of the year!


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