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Remarkable Bathroom Remodels

Bathrooms are where we start and end our days, but, often they are seen as only utilitarian and not as a place to design for a pleasant start and end of the day. Everything we see and hear affects our mood, so why not place beautiful decorative tile, your favorite colors and great lighting to start your day well? Set your mood from the beginning of your day!



What a difference the tile on the back wall makes! We continue the black, white and gold color story throughout the house and the tile definitely takes center stage in this room.

The black tile on the floor flows perfectly with the black mirror and sconces.The round shape of the mirror softens the rectangular lines the room naturally has.

Our design team loves helping find the right elements and pulling them together for you. Any remodel can be overwhelming, but a professional designer listens to you, asks questions about your likes and dislikes and helps you save existing details that work. Keeping the existing wood cabinet allows us to watch the budget while still having a very cohesive look.The warm tones flowing together, with accents of black, allows this room to become a great place for starting your day!


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