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Where do you hang your Artwork?

Are you confused about placement of artwork or mirrors? Do you know if they are too big or too small? Are you confused about how high the items should be placed? Do you remember hearing ages ago to hang a picture at eye level? I always wondered about that bit of advise. Does it apply to the 6 foot tall person or the 5’2 person? Does it mean when you are standing or sitting? Does it make any sense anyway?

The reality is that when picking a piece of art you need to keep in mind the measurements of the wall, both height and width. If it will be placed over a piece of furniture you need the height and width of that piece and the space above it. Only by having the correct measurements will you know what size piece you need.

The biggest problem I see is hanging pieces that are too small for a space with way too much wall showing around the art or mirror. The next problem I see as a designer is the hanging of art that doesn’t relate to the furniture around it. That is why at Nelson Designs we come out to your home and measure everything to help you find the perfect size piece or pieces for your home.

This 5 foot round mirror is perfect over the sofa with room for the floor lamps to frame the space perfectly. This mirror is 8 inches above the sofa, which is needed with the higher ceilings.

This bedroom wall offers a real challenge, but these original paintings are perfect to fit in the squares, covers the majority of the wall above the bed and adds the colors from around the room.

In this dining area the round metal plates look great against the deep blue wall and fit perfectly over the dining table.

In this dining room the extra tall ceiling dictated a piece of artwork that was large and definitely a good size in length. Anything smaller would have looked insignificant on that wall.

In this niche a large art piece was needed and was hung with 6 inches below it, leaving room for a decorative tray. The important thing to keep in mind is that there is space on each side so it doesn’t feel crowded but covers the majority of the space.

In the entryway a square mirror is placed perfectly to take up enough space over the credenza but leave room for the lamps on each side. Both the mirror and the painting take up two thirds of the area side to side over the furniture.. This is the magic number in the placement of art and mirrors.

If your sofa or credenza is 84 inches long you want to cover 56 inches in width. Then look at the amount of space between the top of the furniture and the ceiling. This will help you figure the size you need in length leaving 6 to 8 inches above the furniture and similar or slightly more space at the top.

Another thing to keep in mind is the shape of the item or items on a wall. If you have an angled ceiling it is best to have a round mirror or several round art pieces so the shape doesn’t fight the angle of the ceiling.

I hope these guidelines help you in finding the perfect pieces for your walls but keep in mind that Nelson Designs offers not only help in locating the items you need but also offers arranging and installation of your wall pieces.


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