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Questions To Ask Yourself Before Ordering Furniture Online

It happened again! A client bought a gorgeous sectional online and was so excited to receive it, but it ended up being the wrong size and shape for her great room. Drop dead gorgeous design turns into, "Help, Nelson Designs, what do I do now that I have this beautiful furniture that doesn't work in my space?"

In today's fast-paced world, it can be easier to order necessities online. However, ordering big-ticket items online, like furniture, can cause you real headaches! There are many factors to consider when buying furniture that goes beyond simply the style. Review these points before considering an online purchase:

1. Measure length, width and height.

2. How will the ceiling height effect your choices?

3. Is there a sight line or pathway you need?

4. Are the fabrics durable?

5. Will the color be the same in person?

On upholstered pieces, the cushions may look comfortable but be too hard or soft. The angle of the back can make a chair, sofa or sectional almost unbearable. Don't let shopping in pajamas turn into the nightmare of your life!

There are so many elements that make a piece work in a space. Our designers are trained to look at everything so you don't end up with furniture you can't use. Connect with us and we’ll take the proper measurements or work from a blueprint to make sure the size and proportion is right for your room. Working with your likes and dislikes, we’ll design the perfect look just for you.

So what happened to the sectional that was too large for the great room? It’s perfect in the family room in the basement!

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