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Bringing Comfort and Coziness

Interior Design should be a reflection of the person living or working in the space. A good interior designer shares ideas, offers color stories and the reasons one thing works better than another, but always makes the client’s desires number one. If your designer is pushy, doesn’t listen or doesn’t understand how you live or work in an area you need another designer! A beautiful room that doesn’t reflect your needs will not be used

When we started working with this wonderful client her biggest concern was the extremely uncomfortable sofas and chairs in her living room. As always we started with accurate measurements of the room for the proper sizes. A visit to our showroom allowed her to try the comfort and depth of the cushions on the sofas and chairs.

The next step was finding the style and color story for the area.

This is when the fun begins! With over 6000 fabrics it could become overwhelming but she knew she wanted a tone on tone and a light color story. We ended up with cream and grey with touches of gold and black for contrast. Her area rug has just enough gold to make it very interesting but still allowing for a cool grey in the rug. The gold is picked up in the pillows and the lamps bringing the color around the room.

The sofas face each other with 2 chairs facing the fireplace forming a great conversation area. The square coffee table allows easy access to the sofas and chairs. Our client says it is the perfect room and we are her favorite designers!

The finishing touch is in the accessories and they are so interesting in coordinating the artwork and items in different shapes and sizes. The floor lamps on each end of the sofa are black and gold pulling the accent colors around. The balance of the lamps adds the symmetry needed.

In the niches on each side of the fireplace you can see a minimal use of accessories that add interest

but not clutter. Another good way to add design interest is using different metals in your accessories so everything is not gold or silver or bronze.

In this open floor plan you will find the dining area with a wonderful round chandelier over a round table with angular chairs. The angular lamps on the credenza also compliment the large round mirror on the wall. Having different shapes adds interest to any space. The dining area had to be incorporated in the design of the living room and flow easily in color and feeling. I feel we easily accomplished that!


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