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Do You Need a Designer?

Are you updating your home or just a particular room? Are you experiencing confusion, frustration and indecision? Possibly, you are spending money on furniture and question your choices. Maybe you are suffering from buyers remorse after the delivery. How can you make the process easier for yourself? Bring in a professional!

Would you build your house without an architect? Would you repair the engine on your car? Why would you spend money on “maybe” items when you can have a professional with years of experience guide you through the process?

Too often a client doesn’t understand how to plan a room. What measurements are needed? How high is the ceiling, how long is each wall or segment of the wall? Where do you enter a room? Are you placing your furniture in the best way? Are you blocking a doorway? Are you blocking the sight line? Is the placement of the fireplace and television considered?

Every time I visit a house the entire space is measured, colors are studied. The style of the existing furniture is noted. The use of the room tells us how it needs to be designed. Every single decision needs to be made based on the information gathered at the home visit.

How do you decide on a designer? If you are buying a sofa, sectional or chairs, my advice is to work with a designer in a furniture store. Why, you ask? That way you test the comfort, height, and depth of each piece. If you spend a lot of time on a piece of furniture, it needs to be the right height and depth or you will be uncomfortable. Is that what you want? No, of course not!

Just looking at a picture without knowing the inside depth and the height of the seat is a quick way to get into trouble. Working with a designer that understands the difference of an inch or two in the seating depth and height seems so simple, but many people just get overwhelmed and make a decision without realizing the importance of every inch.

Are you confused about the colors that work together, or how to tie a room together with color, texture, and contrast? A good designer will keep every aspect of a room in mind when showing you color stories. What colors you like or dislike lead the way, but a designer then pulls the look together so you have what you really want.

Work with a designer that explains what works and why, as well as what doesn’t work and why.

Our clients are so satisfied that they come back for each new project. That customer satisfaction is what works for us!

By offering over 150+ lines of furniture and over 6000 fabrics the options are endless. A designer can eliminate so many options without you having to go through the thousands of styles yourself.

If you feel like you need direction with your design, come into Nelson Designs and let us help you work through your projects. We have numerous designers with many years experience that specialize in all aspects of design and we love helping clients find what is perfect for them! We also have a beautiful showroom with furniture, accessories, bedding and blinds to help you visualize things in your space

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