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Remodel Extraordinaire

This home needed an update of colors and the new owner was up to the challenge. The living room became lighter and brighter with white walls. Rich deep tones of blue and gold in the sofa and chairs added the contrast needed. The accessories carried the colors around the room in art glass, pillows and artwork.

The extra high ceilings needed large wall pieces and the 60 inch round mirror was perfect for the space over the sofa. The round shape plays off the floor lamps with the circular tops. Because of all the round shapes we decided to place a square coffee table In this living room.

We added accessories on the tables in three different heights so each piece is visible and not hidden by another. The mixture of glass, metals and ceramic gave the table lots of texture, and the different shapes kept it interesting.

One of the owner’s favorite pieces was this antique cabinet which fit perfectly in the living room on the extra long wall. We decided to show blue art glass and metal pieces to add life to the shelves. Both metals and glass reflect light and that always helps in shelving units with darker backgrounds.

The other side of the living room had additional chairs with large gold dotted pillows picking up the color of the sofa. The antique buffet anchored the wall with a beautiful impressionist painting above it. It is in perfect proportion to the tall glass and brass lamps on each side. This room came to life with larger pieces of furniture in the space and brighter colors spaced around the room. This living room is now very livable!


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